Just Ask Melinda

Guidance to Activate Your Ascension

If there was no force holding you back, no hand knocking you down, no voice telling you that you are wrong, who could you be? Are you ready to shift outcomes in your favour?

Just Ask Melinda is an adventure in self-discovery and ascension. It is a safe, supportive and non-judgmental space for you to be who you are without the noise of the outside world and anyone telling you who you should be or what you should do. Embrace your Higher Self to actualize your TRUE desires.


Would You Be Willing To Be Limitless

Are You Truly Congruent With What You Are Asking For ?

This Community is a place to develop your true potency as you begin to recognize HOW to ask questions that actually match the energy of what you say you want.

Acknowledge The Gift & Potency That is You

To many seekers of personal growth, it has become obvious that as the old energies crumble, there is a new space for growth and awakening. Within this community, we explore levels where you gain the capacities to shape the world, according to your choices and practices. Where possibilities appear seemingly out of thin air. And where the fabric of reality itself begins to shift to accommodate higher levels of your personal ascension path.

Abilities like these aren’t just reserved for gifted masters and lucky people. Anyone can achieve them by shedding the density of all karmic imprints in order to resonate with the energies of higher realms and experiences.

This is what you can tap into and explore as a member of this community. Along with the freedom to envision, create, and grow on a level some might call impossible.

A Space to Embrace Your Highest Calling

There is so much going on in the world that is determined to generate fear, worry, conspiracies, limitations and lack. Inside the space of Just Ask Melinda, we are creating a world free of that. Here we focus on empowerment, contribution, and the new world we desire to step into and build. This will always be a place for you to be free as you step into the real you beyond the limitations, projections and pressures of this reality.

Embrace your highest calling in life. What you gain here will permanently transform how you see yourself, and how you show up in the world!

What You Will Receive From This Community

  • A Social Network Dedicated to Your Empowerment
  • Opportunities to Participate in Live Events and Engage in Courses
  • A Safe Place Where Your Voice is Acknowledged 
  • Dive Into Becoming the Architect of Your Ascension With Like-Minded Seekers
  • Learn About "Marconics" - A Life-Transforming, 5th Dimensional Modality Deemed, "The Evolution of Energy Healing"
  • A Home to Practice Your Energy Tools, Skills and Awareness
  • Be Part of a New Vision of Reality
  • Available for Desktop or Mobile App
  • Direct and Group Messaging


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